Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cause and Affect

I haven't been good the last few days, or this week for that matter.  It's been one of those weeks, where you contemplate, and reflect.  I have been reflecting on choices made, decisions, friends lost, and have realized that everything happens for a reason.

I have used that term, so many times, and I truly believe it .. but what happens when the internal demons that we all struggle to keep quiet end up creeping in and the self doubt starts.  I have been doing that now all week, struggling with that little voice in my head, that keeps doing nothing but bring negativity into my mind.  I have known, since I was young, about cause and affect.  I have taught my children about cause and affect, but what do we do, when it's the adults that are in our lives, that just don't understand.  How do you 'teach' someone who has never been taught ?  Someone who 'assumes' that there is no cause / affect, no ramifications, no consequences, that with a simple "I'm sorry" they assume the world is perfect once again ?

I heard a story, from a good friend of mine, about her (then) Boyfriend, and it reminded me that as adults, we sometimes forget some of the basic things our parents try to teach us as children. Here's the story;

He had gone out with his friends for the night, and had told her it would just be a 'couple of hours' after work.  She was tired, and really wanted a quiet night in, so she told him to have fun, and she'd see him when he got home.  Hours pass, and she doesn't hear from him.  She tries to send him a text message, no answer.  He calls and says, he's going to be home 'soon'.  Hours pass, and pass, and he's not home.  She tries to text him again, no answer.  She starts to worry, she calls her sister and tells her that she's scared that something is wrong, or that he's in danger.  It's now 3 A.M. and she still hasn't heard from him, she goes to bed.  He calls her at 5 A.M. and tells her he's on his way home, that he got drunk, and passed out at a buddy's place, and was 'too drunk' to let her know.

Here is her question to me ...

What do I do ?  She is hurt, that he never called, but glad he's home ...

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